August 2017
Mibio Medical, LLC is selected for IBM’s Watson Build Challenge

Mibio Medical has been selected to advance to phase two of the IBM Watson Build challenge!

Mibio Press Release

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September 2016
Biomedical IoT Project

With our IoT partners, we have developed a real-time application utilizing hardware, software applications, and data analytics in partnership with IBM.

Summer 2015
Community Innovation Class

We have completed our initial community innovation project with industry, academia, and STEM. We especially thank St. George's Independent Schools and their Intro to Engineering Class.

Summer 2015
IoT Service Project - Biomedical Data and Surgeons

Our IoT project begins with University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Christian Brothers University, and IBM.

September 2014
Community Innovation Kick-Off

We are engaging the community with our first open innovation project centered around biomedical. Please stay tuned for updates.

June 2014
IBM Innovate 2014, Orlando, Florida

Activities included healthcare presentation and white paper for our innovation model, luncheons, round table discussions, and media event.

CEE-2186: Memphis Institute for Biomedical Innovation & Healthcare Solutions: Advanced Biomedical Systems and Solutions

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April 2014
Innovation Through Our Community - a Mibio | Medical partnership with IBM

Activities included needs finding within the Memphis community both medical and educational.


  1. People are powerful. Everyone has a need, a story, or an idea. Constructing a diverse, unbiased, open-minded team to listen to these stories and filter through the ideas can uncover true user needs, leading to innovative, elegant, and useful solutions. People are the foundation of the process.
  2. The medical device industry is dynamic and evolving. The medical device industry is rewarding, challenging, and complex. Innovation within this regulated, safety-critical space can be difficult, but we believe that there are ways to simplify this terrain. We are committed to working together to detect and implement targeted solutions specifically for this purpose.
  3. We are all responsible for educating our children. Everyone is a teacher and can influence the future of our STEM workforce when given the time, resources, and opportunities. We believe in creating new learning environments for busy professionals and students to solve real-world problems in a positive, empowering environment.
  4. Memphis, TN is a special place. Memphis has great drive. It has creativity, expertise, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Memphis is the fourth largest orthopedic manufacturing hub in the United States, it is home to great companies such as St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and FedEx, and can boast the best logistics and transportation infrastructure in the nation. There's no other city in the world like Memphis and we are pleased and honored to call Memphis home.


We are a diversely innovative team.

With a service combining hardware, applications, and industry leading partners, Mibio Medical develops real-world biomedical solutions utilizing real-time data and analytics. Our team consists of expert engineers, academics, and innovators that share a passion for advancing medical technology and understanding. A strong group of software architects and IBM complement us as business partners. We offer clients a unique advantage by promoting industry, academia, and STEM development.


We believe that enthusiastic, inquisitive talent with opportunity is the needed foundation for thriving cities and industries. Fostering that talent and providing opportunities is the mission of Mibio | Medical. We aim to advance the biomedical field in the Memphis region by promoting community innovation in the biomedical and software engineering fields, while providing connections and tools for those who need advanced biomedical solutions and those who have the passion and talent to create them. Metrics are in place to ensure collaborative projects will lead to novel medical products and sustainable businesses, resulting in a larger, highly trained workforce and economy in Memphis.

One cannot make great products without great tools. With this, we are developing the proper tools required to meet needs for regulation, process, and innovation.


  • Innovative Index Metric - Quantitative methods for measuring innovative ideas utilize cloud storage and analytics through IBM's Bluemix Services
  • Applications Dashboard - developing software solutions utilizing IBM's Watson Analytics alongside software solutions such as html5, Javascrpt, Cloudant, and MEAN Stack.
  • Biomedical Research and Validation - Integration of relevant biomedical needs through university and industry partnerships.

From this, we are interpreting real-world solutions for developing next generation medical devices and services within orthopedics.


Current projects include:

  • IoT project for bone
  • IoT project for instruments
  • STEM project for imaging